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What Qualifies Me to Tell You How to Fix Your Crawl Space?

Larry Jacobs  
by Larry Jacobs

Fixing your crawl space is not all that complicated. It can be done, but it does take a step-by-step process and a lot of work to fix it. Keep reading these articles and I will tell you how to fix yours.

What qualifies me to tell you how to do it? I was the owner of one of the worst crawl spaces out there. It has all the known problems such as water, mold, odor and more. I did check out everything on the internet as you probably are doing right now. I found out what works and what does not work and why.

The first thing you need to do is to go down under your house and look and see what the problems are. These are the things to look for:

1) Water sitting on the surface or just wet soil. The best time to check is after a rain. Then you can see more where the water is coming from. Moisure is your biggest enemy and that needs to be fixed.

2) Mold is another problem which comes from the moisture. Look at the insulation and wood beams. This needs to be also taken care of. If it is in the insulation, then that needs to be taken out.

3) Odor generally comes from the water and mold smell. Taking care of the water and mold should get rid of the smell.

4) Vent problems can cause lent to go everywhere causing also moisture problems.

5) Foundation cracks lets water come into the crawl space and this needs to be taken care of and fixed.

Now take a look at my crawl space and tell me what is wrong?

crawl space 1

crawl space 2

crawl space 3

crawl space 4

Looks like a mess does it not? The house was built 30 years ago. A crawl space was designed under the house much like they did back then. The designer of the house vented the dryer directly under the house. So all the dry lent went straight down into the crawl space. The lent as you can see went everywhere. All over the ground and even up into the structural wood beams. Lent actually holds moisture and can cause mold.

The problem with the building industry, is that it was not that regulated back then, so what you have are millions of houses not built the way they should have been. There is a lot of fixing out there that needs to be done.

These houses are health risks. To breath the air coming up from these crawl spaces can cause families many problems. We now have the technology to fix these problems and we need to do it now.

When the dryer was run, you could actually smell the dryer all over the house.

The dry vent also caused moist air to go under the house and backup later into the house. It also got into the insulation under the house causing it to somewhat mold. So as you can see it had to be removed.

Also notice the ground. There were a lot of rocks, pipes, sticks and the like that the builder left. The problem is that the wood could cause a problem of termites and even mold if it got wet.

The importance of getting your crawl space in order is to eliminate the vapor coming up through the ground and getting into your house. Therefore the ground under your house needs to be complete cleaned up.

That means getting a rake and cleaning up the mess and removing it in large plastic garbare bags. This is time consuming, but needs to be done to progress to the next level.



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