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Choosing a DrySpace Thickness-

silver back dryspace
SilverBack DrySpace™
Bigger is better, correct? Well, not always. DrySpace™ is offered in a number of different thicknesses in order to accommodate various needs. The 12 Mil is actually the most popular simply because it is not really the thinnest and it is actually not the thickest.
The 20 Mil is suggested if you have sufficient room and plan or might like to store items in the actual crawl space. It is significantly more durable and will certainly handle the "scooting" of items across it a lot better. It truly comes down to your own price range as well as the plans you have with regard to the crawl space after it is completed. If you never go down there and probably by no means will except for house maintance then the actual 12 Mil will certainly get the job done.

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On the other hand in the event that you simply do not know exactly what the plans are for the crawl space or you just really feel more comfortable with a thicker product you might want to look at the actual 20 Mil. Ultimately you can not really go completely wrong with any of our products they tend to be all top of the line.
If you still have a lot of sharp rocks, odor or Radon Gas, then it is a necessity that you put felt crawl space underlayment under the DrySpace™.
One of the big problems with a crawl space is the soil gases and odor other than Radon Gas. The problem is not everywhere. It has nothing to do eith DrySpace causing the smell. Other plastics have been found to contribute to the smell. One such product is the 6 Mil plastic vapor material sold at many of the building suppy store. Who knows what additives are in the makeup. This material is made in China and there are little controls to make this product safe. Using DrySpace™ along with the felt enhances the results of the fan to mitigate the order.
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For detailed video instructions I would recommend that you go to the Crawl Space Repair channel on YouTube"


* Much of the content in this website used by permission of CrawlSpace Concepts LLC
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