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What Qualifies Me to Tell You How to Fix Your Crawl Space?

Larry Jacobs  
by Larry Jacobs

Yes, almost every crawl space has water problems. At least 95% of them have water problems. It is natural for water to come up into the crawl space and cause moisure problems, mold, odor and more. You need to dig a trench around the inside perimeter of the crawl space to take care of the water coming in. If you find that you have odor, soil gas or even Radon gas you can use a mitigation fan on top of the sump pump to pull it out of the crawl space. The Perforated-Polyethylene-Pipe around the inside perimeter of the crawl space with pea pebbles works to pull the gas out of the crawl space. The crawl space vapor material is placed above the pipe, so the gas is sucked up from under the vapor material.

Tip, you really need to dig a trench around the inside perimeter of the crawl space, The ground in a crawl space is extremely hard and packed. Most of the time it is all clay and almost impossible to dig a trench to lay a water drainage hose. So generally you either need to buy a demolition jack hammer with a clay spade scoop or rent one. They generally rent for $30 per day, so it is easier to just buy one. The cost is around $130. It might take you more than one day to dig the trench. There is quite a lot of digging.  These demolition jack hammers are availabe at Amazon. Without a demolition hammer you will find it almost impossible to dig a ditch in your crawl space. It will save you hours and hours of time. This is a must if you have clay or a lot of rocs, which as you can probably see, I did.

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1. A trench must be dug around the perimeter approximately 6-8 inches deep. 

crawl space water problems 5

2. Run the 4 inch Perforated-Polyethylene-Pipe right next to the edge if possible.

crawl space water problems 2

3. The Perforated-Polyethylene-Pipe must run beside the sump pump. Split the hose on the side of the sump pump so the water drains into it.

crawl space water problems 3

5. The Perforated-Polyethylene-Pipe can also drain right into the sump pump.

crawl space water problems 4

6. Now cover up the Perforated-Polyethylene-Pipe with pea gravel. This helps to filter the mud from getting into the sump pump.

  crawl space water problems 7

crawl space water problems 9

 crawl space water problems 10

The combination of the 4 inch drainage hose, the sump pump and the pea gravel should take care of any water problems. A mitigation fan will take care of odor.




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