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Preparing the Job


Because with virtually any job, preparation takes on a large factor in your quality of the final product. Crawl space encapsulation is not different. For the most part under the house and in the crawl space is going to be a hard and agonizing place to be for a handful of days but if you will dedicate to seeing it through you actually will certainly end up being rewarded by not really having to head down back there again except pertaining to maintenance on your house.

You will need a good pair of coveralls for everybody that works in the crawl space. ALL pointed and organic and natural (wood, papers and so on.) physical objects need to come out. If there is at present old plastic material down there you may leave that and go over it with the new vapor barrier, but each and every thing else needs to come out. We have learned to place fiberglass insulating material in the floorboards joist cavity to keep the home comfortable, today having a conditioned crawl space this particular practice is actually absolutely no longer indorsed.

Moisture will get caught inside the insulating material, which usually makes its heavy and leads to it eventually dropping to the floor. It additionally creates the condition for mold development. The only location that requires insulation is all around the perimeter edge joist and/or the foundation surfaces, I will clarify more regarding this a later.

While you actually are in the crawl space cleaning it out take a look at the structure, joists as well as beams to help make sure they are in good shape. It would be smart to brush the joists and subflooring before you put in the DrySpace to eliminate spider webs/nests as well as to get any kind of loose particles or dust down. You will also need to brush off the block foundation so the Foundation Seal Tape can bond effectively.


For detailed video instructions I would recommend that you go to the Crawl Space Repair channel on YouTube"


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