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Crawl Space Ventilation

Crawl space ventilation is one of the critical parts of handling the crawl space moisture issue. This impacts the quality of the air in the particular home. This particular part associated with repairing the crawl space, you must get correct. The pure flow of air goes up in any home. Air is pulled upwards from the crawl space all through the whole house. Heat goes up and cold drops. The natural air flow, called the stock effect, will carry on in order to move the air inside the house to the roof.

The very best way in order to get the correct ventilation is through a conditioned crawl space. A conditioned crawl space gives you thoroughly clean dry crawl space, comfortable floors, reduced heating bills, and cleaner air .

To create a conditioned crawl space you need to get a source of air from the furnace delivered to to crawl space along with a return air. The heat within the crawl space then remains in the home. The heat coming out in the crawl space will head upward through the floors and rise to your ceilings. This simply leaves the home warmer and reduces the number of heating system cycles and consequently the furnace runs much less and the heat bills are significantly less.

In the summer months the efficiency works in the complete opposite. Since the crawl space is usually around 55 - 60 degrees the air conditioner will put cool air directly into the crawl space and then be pulled out from the space through the return. The air will generally be cooler. This will place less stress on the air conditioner and will certainly reduce the electrical expenses saving the house owner money during the summer also.

During the times of the year when the air conditioner and furnace does not operate, the crawl space won't get any kind of air. Occasionally it is required to operate the furnace fan so it get air flow.

A dehumidifier also helps in order to condition the crawl space air. It will safeguard the space from high moisture in the two summer and winter and additionally give it extra air flow.
Insulation of the crawl space is very important to the energy effectiveness of a conditioned space. Insulating material in the floor joists is no loger needed. The instulation within the floor joists would trap the actual heat within the crawl space as well as would only heat the crawl space. In order to allow the heat to move up through the floors, the fiberglass in the joists needs to be removed.  The only insulation needed is around the perimeter of the crawl space. The rim joist is the crucial area. You can use R-19 fiberglass insulation. Don't use cell spay foam insulation. This eliminates the ability to examine the structure for water or insect pest damage and help to make repair very difficult. This would certainly hinder the sale of a home.
Rigid pink form fire proof insulation can also be used on the interior walls. It is impervious to moisture. Recommended to use 1 1/2" in sheetsof 48" x 96".

For detailed video instructions I would recommend that you go to the Crawl Space Repair channel on YouTube"



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