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Installing a drain system

drain pipe

If you figure out that you do need or want a sump there are a few things to consider. The very first is exactly where is the lowest point within the crawl space and second where is the water going to once it simply leaves the actual crawl space.

Most frequently the water that will get into the crawl space comes from bad drainage or a bad grade. If you discharge the sump where the actual grade slopes back towards the house the water will come back again in

If your issue is bad drainage then you may want to seek advice from with a local water company. If you are considerate and stroke their vanity a little they will most likely give you some free guidance.

If you have a great deal of water you will need to bury drain perforated tubing on the inside of the crawl space around the actual foundation walls. The typical question I get when it comes to installing drain tile is "Do you downward slope the tile in the direction of the sump?" The answer is actually NO! Water finds its own level. If the perforated tubing ends near the sump basin the water will drain into the sump. 

When you set up the sump basin dig the pit about 8" wider than the basin and set the basin together with pea stone around it. That will certainly keep the actual dirt away of the basin and save your pump motor from burning up. The drain perforated tubing might need stone as well in the event that the dirt is sandy or like dirt.  The only additional note I want to help make is plan for putting a dedicated electric outlet for the sump. If you tend to be handy and really feel comfortable doing this then you will save some money, but if you do not know what a dedicated electric outlet is then you ought to plan on phoning an electrician.

For detailed video instructions I would recommend that you go to the Crawl Space Repair channel on YouTube"



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