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Vapor Barriers

Vapor Barriers

Made from premium grade virgin polyethylene resin. Most plastic manufactures can't say that and be truthful! This 12 Mil SilverBack DrySpace™brand crawl space vapor barrier is now known as our Commercial Grade 12 Mil SilverBack DrySpace™! The top of the DrySpace™is white and the back is Silver. The Commercial Grade 12 Mil vapor barrier is true thickness, and the12 Mil measures 12 Mil at the barrier not the string reinforcement.

There is a lot of the low quality "white" plastic from China being sold as a crawl space vapor barrier. It generally won't last and also has a strong odor.

The 12 Mil SilverBack DrySpace™is the best all around choice for most crawl spaces. It will handle light to medium storage requirements as well as traffic for regular home maintenance. If the DrySpace™is going to be installed over sharp stone consider installing our Felt 550™ first to protect your DrySpace™ investment. This is the most popular DrySpace™vapor barrier for crawl spaces due to its lower cost and high performance. This product is string reinforce and naturally resists Mold and Mildew. Other thicknesses are available 16 Mil and 20 Mil.

For detailed video instructions I would recommend that you go to the Crawl Space Repair channel on YouTube"


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