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Radon Soil Gas Mitigation Fan

Radon Soil Gas Mitigation Fan

This fan is used to evacuate soil gases like Radon, Methane and other gas emitted from the soil. It comes with 3" collars so it can be used with the sump kit and sump basin. Mitigating the harmful gases is very important to the heath of everyone living in the house. Soil gases can still cause an unpleasant order even after the encapsulation with the plastic vapor barrier installed. The fan will also help control moister in the crawl space by removing it from under the barrier.

The felt crawl space underlayment should be combined with the fan it plays an important in removing the soil gas order. It enhances the fan to mitigate the order.

For detailed video instructions I would recommend that you go to the Crawl Space Repair channel on YouTube"


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