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Conditioning the Space

Dry crawl spaces offer you a lesser number of obstacles than wet ones. But dry crawls possess their own problems as well, most often the dirt is hard and not comfortable to move all around on. The dirt and dust amounts are going to be quite high so a good respirator (not a dust face mask) is actually needed unless of course you want to cough up dust for a few days. For obvious reasons, it is not good for your own well being.

Many home owners report that there is not water in the crawl space and in never has been. The problem with this information is the actual homeowner looks down there two times a year or less. There is a lot that can happen within a few months that indicates water problems. This is actually not uncommon with regard to crawl spaces to be dry the majority of of the time but in the rainfall season crawl spaces get wet. 

The object of conditioning your crawl space is to do it right and do it once. So don't think because it does not have water in it now it has never experienced water. Presently there are some things you can easily look for to tell you when there is a water issue. Look on the wall space (generally at the base) for a whitened powder, it looks like sodium. This natural powder is lime that is used in the making of the actual block. If you observe it then you have water problems. Look to other indicators like water staining, moist block or areas within the crawl space that are usually muddy. The bottom line is, it will be easier and less expensive to put in a sump pump first than to have to go back again and do it right after your crawl space floods. If it makes it any simpler to decide you can think of a sump as a drain in situation a water line breaks or your washing machine overflows.


For detailed video instructions I would recommend that you go to the Crawl Space Repair channel on YouTube"


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